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  • Product Name:LF 125KHz Hitag 2 Blank White Card
  • Size:CR80 85.5*54*0.84mm or Custom
  • Package:200pcs per box 3000pcs per carton or custom
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1. General description
HITAG 2 based transponders are highly integrated and do not need any additional
components beside the HITAG 2 transponder IC and the external coil. Data are
transmitted bidirectionally, in half duplex mode, between Read Write Device (RWD) and
HITAG transponder IC. To achieve a main stream security, data may be transmitted
enciphered. HITAG 2 transponder IC offer a memory of 256 bit.
Custom specific configuration of the transponder IC is possible by using the configuration
page. The configuration page allows the selection of different modes and access
possibilities and also the configuration of the memory. The pages of the memory can be
protected against read or write access by setting corresponding memory flags.
The HITAG 2 transponder IC provides - besides password and crypto mode - the following
three standard read only modes, that can be configured using the configuration byte:
• public-mode A
• public-mode B (animal identification, according to ISO 11784 and ISO 11785)
• public-mode C (PIT compatible mode PCF793x)
2. Features and benefits
 Identification transponder for use in contactless applications
 Operating frequency 125 kHz
 Data transmission and energy supply via RF link, no internal battery
 Reading distance same as writing distance
 Non-volatile memory of 256 bits (128-bit user data and 128-bit control data/secret
memory) organized in 8 pages, 4 bytes each
 10 years non-volatile data retention
 100000 erase/write cycles
 Selective read/write protection of memory content
 Two coding schemes for read operation: Biphase and Manchester coding
 Effective communication protocol with outstanding data integrity check
 Mutual authentication function
 Read/write mode allows:
 Plain data transmission (password mode)
 Encrypted data transmission (crypto mode)
 In read/write mode multi-tag operation possible because of special HALT-function
 Emulation of standard industrial read-only transponders:
 public-mode A (MIRO and transponders from EM (H400x))
 public-mode B (according to ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 for animal identification)
 public-mode C (PIT compatible mode)
3. Applications
 Logistics
 Livestock tracking
 Asset tracking
 Gas cylinder ID
 Casino - gambling
 Industrial automation

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Blank White Hitag 2 Proximity Card Price (cr80 0.84mm thickness,surcharge for options applied)

Quantity Unit Price Shipping by DHL (USA & CA) other place,ask for price
1000 $0.800 $72
2000 $0.762 $120
3000 $0.754 $168
4000 $0.749 $195
5000 $0.731 $252
10000 $0.716 $458
15000 $0.711 $741
20000 $0.708 $941
50000 $0.685 $2569

Surcharge for options

Options Unit Cost Options Unit Cost
Full color both sides add $0.008 each piece Flat number add $0.008 each place
Lamination overlay add $0.008 each piece Gold/Silver background add $0.008 each side per piece
Barcode add $0.008 each piece Signature panel add $0.008 each piece
Hot Stamping add $0.008 each piece Embossing number add $0.008 each piece
UV coating add $0.008 each piece PET material instead PVC add $0.047 each piece

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Finished Effect

finished effect

Standard Packaging 

For cards --- 500 cards per box, 2500 cards per carton

standard package

Custom Packaging Offered

Each card add opp bag or sealed bag. Buyer determine how many pieces/units/sets packed in each box and carton.

Pack in OPP Bag


Air cargo and sea freight shipping requires buyer arrange vechile to collect goods from both air port and the destination port, and therefore you should afford the shipping cost yourself.

shipping method
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