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Why Link Exhanges?
(Righteous Benefits)Free Images

Righteous SEO Benefits+  They are free. There is no time spent on money matters.


+  They offer new business relationships with other webmasters.


+  They bring in referring traffic. These visitors can be seen using Google Analytics.SEO MotivationthySEO.com's Tracking


+  Webmasters have control over backlink titles. This is an important factor in keyword phrase rankings at engines.


+  A site could get many quality backlinks, from these, that last a long time.

Exchanging links could be the only way to get on some respectable sites.SEO's Algorithms

Backlinks increase a site's popularity, causing higher algorithm scores at engines.

Link exchange backlinks are good for organic rankings. Proof is found at bottom of Yahoo's Getting a higher rank.


+  They cause webmasters to update (add links to) sites. This is a factor in high organic rankings at engines.

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